2021 International Conference on Education, Language and Art (ICELA 2021)
Welcome Assoc. Prof. Jordan Yan from School of Art, Minnan Normal University to be the keynote speaker of ICELA 2021

Welcome Assoc. Prof. Jordan Yan from School of Art, Minnan Normal University to be the keynote speaker of ICELA 2021


Assoc. Prof. Jordan Yan

School of Art, Minnan Normal University
Research Area       Fuzzy theory & Grey theory, TRIZ, Product design and development, Human factor engineering, Product life cycle engineering
Brief introduction of your research experience

Dr. Yen is Associate Professor in the School of Art at Minnan Normal University, and Vice Dean of the Minnan Institute of Cultural Design. He received the Diploma in Industrial Design and the M.S. degree in Industrial Design, from the Tatung Technology University (TTU), Taiwan, in 1992, 1994, respectively. He received the Ph.D. degree in Industrial Design from the Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Taiwan in 2017.His research lies in Decision-making application of Fuzzy theory and Grey theory, TRIZ theory, Product design and development, Human factor engineering, Usability engineering, Product life cycle engineering.Recent research focuses on User experience, Product and Service design, Sustainable product design and research and development. Dr. Yen has published several papers in high-profile conferences and journals held by IEEE, IBC, and Hindawi. He holds thirty patents and two patent applications. His research has been sponsored by the Ministry of Social Science of China.

Speech TitleApply bird beak research on Bionic design

The gripping action of the hand is close to the biting behavior of the animal's mouth in nature. Taking the unique mouth shape of the "black-faced spoonbill" as the most internationally conserved among migratory birds in Taiwan as the starting point, the analysis results are presented from the perspective of bionic shape design. Furthermore, the imagery and characteristics it represents are further embodied to achieve the purpose of applying design and creative products. 

The hand grasping and gripping patterns considered in creative application products can be divided into four categories: two-finger, three-finger, four-finger, and full-finger. Combined with the relevant design conditions and restrictions, for the elderly or those who are not used to chopsticks in the Eastern culture, or even the fingers of the hand are defective and can not normally chopsticks, provide another convenient use of the new auxiliary food final design concept mode The three-finger type is closer to the general way of holding chopsticks, so a creative chopstick was designed according to its method. In terms of the discussion of the golden ratio of the shape of the bird's beak, the golden ratio of the beak's beak shape is the most suitable for other creative products.